Deck the Home with Pillows!

I get it – you are busy!  Between shopping for gifts, preparing to host family/friends, deciding what to bring to the church/company holiday potluck…you’ve got a lot going on!  And yet, you still have to finish decking the house in all its Christmas glory!

I’m here to help!  This season, I’ve focused on adding touches of holiday cheer here and there with pillows.  A festive pillow quickly adds color and fun without the hassle of connecting multiple extension cords throughout the place.  Here are a few deals that I found:

Aldi – As a quickly ran in to Aldi one day last week, these two pillows caught my eye.  There was no price tag on them, so I threw them in the cart and had the cashier price check them for me.  The yelp that escaped my mouth when she said they would be about $6 bucks each after tax!  Hallelu!  Check your local Aldi for these or others like them.

20171129_111128_HDR-01 (1)

Bealls Outlet – I stop in and browse the selections at Bealls Outlet weekly because of the amazing deals and items that they carry.  My jaw dropped when I found this tartan pillow and throw combo for only $19.99!  I was there on a Wednesday, but had them hold it until Friday when I am able to use my Bealls Discount Club discount!!  (Did I mention how frugal I am?)  If you have a Bealls Outlet near you, stop in! They had a grey and white snowflake combo there also.

20171205_154804_HDR-01 (1)

And voila!  I pulled this look together for around $25 bucks!  It’s easy, affordable, and makes for a cozy and festive addition to our living area.  I’m pillow smitten!

20171205_154858_HDR-01 (1)

Find another great deal or want to share your pillow pairings?  Use the hashtag @thegeorgiamom on Instagram and Facebook.  Or email us at!



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